Protect your garden: animal repellent


Guardener (A201)

Trouble Shooting




System has no response

No power

Check the connection of two wires for possible loss in contact

No water is blasted from sprinkler

No water in tank

Add water into tank

No water is blasted from sprinkler

Battery under power

Switch off and move to more sunny location for at least one whole day exposure to sunshine

Battery under power

Not enough sunshine or thin film still cover solar panel

Move to more sunny location or peel off thin film on solar panel

Battery under power with plenty of sunshine

Damaged or dirty solar panel

Replace or clean solar panel/call service for help

Battery under power with plenty of sunshine and much water consumption

Too many small animal activities cause too many sensor triggers

Move to more sunny location/lower sensor sensitivity or reduce the existence of small animals

Battery no power with plenty of sunshine

Exhausted battery

Replace a new battery/call service for help

Sprinkler works with no buzz sound

Ultrasound speaker fails or ill contact

Call service for help

Weak water blast/sprinkler stop rotation

Battery under power

Seek solution for battery under power mentioned above

Sprinkler stop rotation

Wire clip trapped by stopper or tight rotation axle due to dirty water

Free the wire clip from stopper. Clean water tank when needed. If occurs frequently, replace a new sprinkler

Sprinkler stop rotation under full battery power

Interfered by the wires under wire cover

Move & secure interfering wire above the sprinkler to avoid interference

High water consumption

Abnormally frequent sensor triggers by smaller animals

Check if caused by existence of too many birds or other animals

Abnormally frequent sensor triggers

Sensitivity setting too high

Lower the sensitivity

Sensor sensitivity too high/too low

Sensitivity not properly set

Turn knob for preferred sensitivity setting

Sensor fails to activate

No power or under power

Try activate by waving hand in front of lens, red light should be seen if power still available. 

Poor sensitivity

Dirty lens

Clean sensor lens

Poor sensitivity

Water accumulate on lens inside wall

Call service for help

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