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My garden is better than ever, June 25, 2011

Contrary to what everyone else here has to say, the new version of the Guardener (v2.0) really lives up to its potential. I have been using the old version, which worked... but could have used improvements. After I got the new version this year, I could happily come home and see my fresh hosta's, roses, camellias, and hydrangeas blooming without any deer or animals pestering it. Even now I can still see deer in the distance, but they don't even bother coming close to my plants anymore, probably because they feel threatened by the device (from experience). I am so glad I found this solar-powered, environmentally friendly, garden-saving product, I saved so much money from this product because all I need is water!

By Garden Mom - Butler PA

Deer HATE it - Kids LOVE it!, June 9, 2011

Guardeners, when leveraged with other deer fighting tactics, are GREAT! This gizmo keeps the deer guessing! I move my two units every other day or the wily females find another approach to the gardens of succulence. I use the Guardeners as one tactical component to deter the deer. I am not easily impressed with gimmickry and usually bypass reviews and recommendations however I am compelled to report that this product performs as advertised. The three gallons of water-ammo lasts several days. The solar panels work great in keeping the water pump charged. The jet stream is robust. The quality of product, so far, meets and exceeds expectations. I will purchase two more in the near future. Liquid Fence applied once every 14 days using a 4 gallon applicator is good when interchanged with Deer-Off. There is no ONE solution the deer invasions. They easily adapt and adjust. We had a soirée that included children who discovered the guardians and soon squeals of delight were heard as they were sprayed with the jets of water! Guardians are great for deer and kids!

By KenW (Northern Virginia)

Attention to Guardener, July 31, 2010

I've been using your "Guardener Animal Repelling Device" for the second year now and I wanted to say thank you. I live by a Nature Preserve and we have many deer and rabbits. The Guardener has enabled me to have flowers that actually get to bloom! I like that it is portable and I can place it where I need it. The Guardener really works! Thanks again!

By Loretta Walker- Mentor, OH

Guardener works very well for my garden, April 9, 2010

I purchased the A201 in April 2010 and it worked very well to protect my roses from the deer. To be perfectly honest, I was most surprised and impressed with your product functions and features. There are not that many companies providing that kind of support. I have been recommending your product, and will continue to.

By Johnson Joy (Oakland NJ)

Guardener works for my garden, May 25, 2009

I used your product Guardener for this years. it is the Best deer repellent device I have ever used.

By Gordon (Bernardsville NJ)

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